the grown up millennial

This is a space for millennials and anyone who can identify with the challenges of navigating life and work in this technological age.

Many resources (podcasts, newsletters, Instagram posts) are available (all over the internet) when you need help; but there isn’t really one place you can turn to …the Grown Up Millennial is now that place.

The three main themes that pretty much define our lives are: Health, Wealth and Relationships. So, all the content (podcast episodes and articles) is curated based on themes.

The site also features a section solely about finding the Write Fit for all your communication needs. When you’re just not sure what to say or how to write that email, just click on the Write Fit.

Let the Grown Up Millennial help you through this thing they call life!

about the curator



I started blogging over a decade ago and fell in love with it ! For quite some time I was blogging just as a form of therapeutic release (writing my problems away); but in that time I realized that in the process of helping myself, I was also helping others.

The one thing that makes me truly happy is helping and supporting people. I love that I am able to put together content that can be useful (and if it’s not, shoot me a quick email and let me know).

On a more personal note:

  • I am a native of the Caribbean.

  • I have a few degrees in Media and Communication and Social Change/Development,

  • I do my best work at like 3 AM.