Episode 19: Marriage is not an accomplishment

This episode came about after an evening of conversation with my dear friend - Abigail. This episode was not scripted in any way and my notes pretty much went out the window after the first question. This discussion with Abigail felt as comfortable as putting on your favourite sweatshirt. I hope you'll find it as casual, frank, honest and informative as I did.

Abigail and I discuss the growing pressures for Millennials to couple up and how age-old notions of relationships haunt us - especially women, who are somehow seen as less successful or incomplete without a partner. Abigail also speaks candidly about some of the challenges of dating in the Caribbean, and I share a weird story about an experience I had a million years ago regarding infidelity.

DISCLAIMER: The audio levels fluctuate throughout this episode. Tried our best to remedy the issues but there are still some random fluctuations.