Episode 17: The Great Debate: Rent or Buy?

Quite a few podcast listeners requested this topic, is it better to rent or to buy a house? Apart from the fact that [some] Millennials probably cannot afford to purchase a home, our preferences will also dictate what we choose to do.

This was an open discussion with my guest, Antoine Martel - licensed real estate agent, entrepreneur and real estate investor - about the pros and cons for renting and buying, and what influences our decision to do either. Antoine encourages listeners to "change your definition of home" in order to make the decision that is best for you.

If you're certain about what your long-term housing solution will look like or if you have no clue, this podcast is for you!

Since Antoine is also an investor we spoke about these things too:

- financial wellness

- how much of our income we should spend on housing

- how much of our income we should invest

- what is equity, how do you build it and why its important

- making money work for you